The prince’s property is lastly mounted after 6 years of battle


Prince property finally settled after a six-year court battle. The the late singer did not leave a will for his 156 million

After the singer died in 2016, six of his half-siblings were named as his legal heirs.

Now, according to a copy of court documents obtained by CNN, the First Judicial District of Minnesota has ordered the cash in Prince’s estate to be split equally between Prince Legacy LLC and Prince OAT Holdings LLC.

Prince Legacy LLC consists of Prince’s three cousins, Sharon Nelson, John Nelson and Norrine Nelson.

According to court documents, Prince Oat Holdings LLC is owned by Primary Wave, a music publishing company comprised of Tyka Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson, as well as three separate entities owned by Primary Wave.

The documents also contain the name of the bank that the litigating court entrusted with managing the property’s affairs.

Comerica Bank & Trust is receiving $3 million to cover costs and expenses related to the foreclosure, “including the preparation of tax returns, professional fees, expenses and any awards included in pending litigation involving the property.” Whatever is left is split between Prince Oat Holdings LLC and Prince Legacy LLC.

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