The newest Galaxy Watch 5 leak affords us our greatest look but at Samsung’s ultra-large smartwatch

We’re less than a week away from the official launch Galaxy Watch 5 series, but that doesn’t mean the leak is nearly over. With just a few days to go, a new report gives us our best look yet at all three models Samsung is ready to debut, along with some specs that promise serious improvements in battery life — at least on the larger models. If anything, it’s these new wearables I promise to enter the era of massive devices with corresponding batteries.


The most detailed image yet of the Galaxy Watch 5 series comes from WinFuture, which shows each of the three sizes in the available colors. As expected, the Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm – while the Pro model is limited to a massive 45mm case. The smallest model is shown in grey, pink and purple colors that go well with some of Samsung’s latest gadgets. If you prefer small watches, you’ll have to settle for a 1.19-inch 396 x 396 AMOLED display. It’s not the smallest, but compared to its big brothers, it’s absolutely tiny. Unfortunately, so does its battery at 284mAh , which is a 15% increase over last year’s 40mm model, but nothing compared to Samsung’s larger models this year.

The 44mm version of the Galaxy Watch 5 is shown in grey, white and blue, and unfortunately it’s unclear if any of these colors will carry over between sizes. The last two shades were missing in previous reportswhich suggests that they may be limited to this 44mm size. It sports a 1.36-inch 450 x 450 AMOLED panel paired with a 410mAh battery. That’s a 14% increase over the year, and with some, your wearable will last much longer on a single charge.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a bigger, beefier version of the 44mm model. Despite the 45mm body, it retains the same 1.36-inch display. Instead, Samsung decided to use that extra space in the titanium case to cram in a 590mAh battery, bigger than anything in the company’s previous watches. It’s good for 80 hours on a single charge, which is slightly above the three-day forecast we were hoping for. WinFuture is showing this model in black and dark gray color options, with no colorful stripes.

All three models supports charging up to 10 watts and as expected will run on Samsung’s new Exynos W920 processor. Prices will start at €299 for the 40mm model, €329 for the 44mm and €469 for the Watch 5 Pro. If you’re looking for an LTE model, you’ll pay a premium of €50 per device. Given current exchange rates, those prices should be near perfect in US dollars: $299, $329, and $469, respectively. You don’t have to wait long for an official confirmation, Galaxy Unpacked is on Wednesday, August 10.

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