The Google Retailer in New York is eradicating the Stadia showroom

Last year, Google opened its first retail store in New York City, offering personal shopping, repairs, advice and product demonstrations. The Google Store also had a Stadia room, but it was removed from the Chelsea location.

The Google Store in Chelsea, New York has been removing the Stadia space for the last week or two, 9to 5Google Confirmed. When I visited the store in person this week, the Stadia room had been completely removed and replaced with a new Pixel Buds Pro experience. The Stadia experience was still valid at least at the end of June.

The current Google Store in Chelsea offers three indoor rooms; one for Nest products like Nest Audio and the Hub for testing Pixel smartphone cameras, and now for Pixel Buds Pro, that Pixel Buds room has replaced the previous Stadia space.

The Stadia Room at the Google Store gave everyone the chance to try out Stadia games in the store using Stadia controllers on Pixel phones, Pixelbook Go and Chromecast Ultra TVs. The room was built with neat sound “domes” that created a personal listening space without headphones, as well as furniture to sit back and enjoy the games. With the room removed, the Google Store in New York does not offer any Stadia demos.

Update 8/3: In a statement, Google confirmed that the Google Store in New York is meant to change rooms from time to time.

However, unlike what we saw in store, Google says Stadia demos are still available at the Chelsea location on the Chromecast with Google TV demo near the store entrance (pictured below). The TV was turned off when we were in the store, but Google confirmed that the demos were available.

We’ve always planned to evolve our sandboxes to showcase the various uses of Google products so we can continue to provide our customers with a great in-store experience across all of our hardware.

The Stadia Controller and Chromecast with Google TV are still available from the Google Store and customers can still play Stadia games at our store in Chelsea.

The Stadia space was launched alongside the store in 2021. and is the first room Google has removed from the store so far. Google will likely mix these three rooms at the Chelsea location as new products are released over time.

It should be noted that the Google Store in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) does not have such experience rooms, but so much locations sell the Stadia controller alongside other Google hardware products, including Pixel phones, headphones and Nest products.

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