The Chainsaw Man anime will premiere in October, a brand new trailer reveals

MAPPA has released a new trailer for what’s to come Chainsaw Man anime on Friday, introducing the Japanese voice of the series and announcing the series will take place in October. Crunchyroll will simulcast Chainsaw Man In the US, as with many other MAPPA anime in the past, incl Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.

The trailer opens with a shot of Makima, one of the series’ main characters, flanked by two Devil Hunters, as she walks into a warehouse full of mutilated bodies. The trailer cuts to a sequence of protagonist Denji, his fellow devil hunters Aki Hayakawa, and Power and Makima going about their daily lives, before cutting into a montage of the now-transformed Denji dodging attacks and ripping off devils with his chainsaw arms.

Based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s critically acclaimed and ultra-violent action horror manga, the series follows Denji, a teenage orphan living in a world inhabited by devils, supernatural monsters born of human fears.

Along with his pet Chainsaw Devil named Pochita, Denji is forced to work as a devil hunter to repay the debt left by his father’s absence. Betrayed and left for dead, Denji makes a pact with Pochita, fusing the creature with his dying heart to become Chainsaw Man, a terrifyingly powerful devil-human hybrid with the power to summon chainsaws from his body.

The anime is set to adapt the first part of the manga, the public safety arc, which ended in 2020. December 14 Chainsaw Man manga just startednew chapters are published every Tuesday and available read Side jump.

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