Stranger Issues Season 4 Last Viewership vs. Squid Recreation Publish – Deadline

Stranger things last week added a few tens of millions more hours watched to its Season 4 tally. The final viewership for the new season (volumes 1 and 2 combined) is 1.352 billion. hours during the first 28 days of release. This is the most of any English language series Netflix and more than double the number of hours logged by the series’ second-most popular English-language season on the broadcaster, Bridgerton 2 (656 million).

After the first couple of weeks of release Stranger things 4 T.1 it turned out that Squid gameThe record of 1,650 billion hours watched in the first 28 days is untouchable. Stranger things 4 was the closest anyone got – over 298 million. hours from the coincidence of the Korean drama phenomenon.

Week of July 25, romantic drama Virgin river ranked highest among English-language series with 87.9 million viewers in its first full week of release. hours.

Another Korean breakthrough, Attorney extraordinaire Woo, returned to #1 non-English with 65.5 million. hours per week; series has been #1 in three out of four weeks so far.

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