Sen. Cruz (R-TX) slams his shoe on the desk in defiance of FBI pointers on symbols denoting extremist teams.

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed his shoe on the desk in defiance of FBI guidelines on symbols that refer to extremist groups.

CRUZ: There’s also a text that I’m particularly struck by is the Gonzales battle flag — come and take it — as a sign of a brutal extremist militia. Well, I’ll let you know now that I wear my shoes in the Senate every day with the Gonzales battle flag on the back. Director Ray, what are you doing? It doesn’t make sense. Do you agree with these FBI guidelines? That the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden flag, and the Gonzales battle flag or signs of militia violent extremism.

FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Well, senator, I’m not familiar with the particular document that you have, and I’m not trying to comment on documents that I haven’t identified. But I will tell you that when we release intelligence products, including those that refer to symbols, which we do in a variety of contexts, we usually try very hard to put caveats and caveats in the document that make it clear that a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism.

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