Ron Howard reveals his hardest movie and the way his dad made it even more durable

Ron Howard visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert enabled On Wednesday, he revealed the hardest throw of his career. The Oscar-winning director is known for creating immersive shots in his films such as Backdraft, Hurry up and Cinderella’s husbandbut he said Far far away stopped the hardest shot so far.

The film, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, featured a historically accurate land race. in 1893 The Land Run, also known as the Cherokee Strip Land Run, opened up just over 8 million acres of open land in what is now Oklahoma. Over 100,000 people took part in the land race, signaled by cannon shots.

“We had 750 people and lined up the horses,” Howard said. “We were going to shoot it out of a cannon. We had 13 cameras — two in the air, cameras stuck everywhere, and we had this land race, and of course it’s dangerous.”

Director Ron Howard and father Rance Howard in 2005. May. (REUTERS/Fred Prouser)

Although the movie featured Cruise and Kidman riding horses, they were filmed separately. The huge stunt was shot without actors because the stunt coordinator thought it was too dangerous. But Rance Howard, Ron’s dad, who hails from Oklahoma, made it clear he wasn’t going to miss the recovery.

“He says, ‘100 years ago, I had three ancestors who rode in this race. 100 years later, my son, my firstborn, is directing a movie about it. I’m in it,” Howard said. “I just said, ‘Dad, get your horse.’

Despite being 68 years old, Rance Howard was a great horseman and considered himself a bit of a cowboy. He drove through horse and wagon jams and came out none the worse for wear.

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