Orion appears to be like like Kirby swallowed your change

One of my biggest complaints about using the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode is that its screen is just too small. And unlike previous Nintendo handhelds such as the Game boy and Game Boy Advanceno company has been brave enough to release a live book light and magnifying glass for the Switch.

If you asked me how interested I would be in a Switch with a massive 11.6-inch screen, I’d be counting the days until I could own what sounds like a glorious thing. (Not quite what I had in mind for the Switch Pro, but I guess Nintendo knows best.) Well, that future is here — and apparently it’s been here longer than I realized. The company Up-Switch manufactures the Orion.a glorified Switch dock-meets-screen that can be sandwiched between two Joy-Con controllers.

This $299.99 accessory is similar to the if Kirby inspires your Switch, and the spin-off introduced a larger screen. The back of the Orion opens up to reveal a slot that opens up to accommodate the console, which connects via the Switch’s USB-C port. It has a stand on the back and built-in speakers. The Orion has an HDMI port that can be Up-Switched to other game consoles or streaming devices.

Orion needs a switch to become a bigger switch.
Shift up

I would have appreciated this rig for allowing you to slap the Joy-Con controllers to the side, but it has removable controller grips, which seem all-too-necessary to comfortably support the Orion’s full 1.5-pound weight. Keep in mind, though, that weight doesn’t include the Switch’s 10.5-ounce weight, nor the weight of the portable power bank you’ll need to attach to its back if you want to go mobile with this slightly odd setup. You can Throw out the power bank and plug in the USB-C power adapter that Nintendo ships with every Switch, but it doesn’t serve the purpose of using the Switch in portable mode if you’re not using cellular anymore.

in 2021 At the end of 2018, Orion made several media appearances when it launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I especially liked it Nintendo Lifewide coverage from it, including video previewwhich effortlessly exposes some of the flaws you’d otherwise only discover by trying it yourself – like the fact that the Orion’s screen is 768p and that it pales in comparison to the Switch’s OLED. and original Switch screen. Also puzzling is that its two speakers are on the back of the Orion, facing the person holding it.

Their recommendation, if you really, really want to live out a version of this dream that’s clearly not meant for reality, is to invest in a 1080p portable monitor. As for me, I guess I’ll just dream about what the oft-rumored Switch Pro might contain..

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