New Vampire Survivor Patch Provides Cheat Menu, Characters, and Extra

A vampire survivor stands in front of the moon creating basic vampire survivor art.

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Today The surviving vampiresThe popular top-down, reverse bullet hell roguelike, currently in Early Access on Steam, has received a patch that not only tweaks some gameplay mechanics, but also adds a handy cheat menu.

Blink and you might miss it, but hidden in the patch 0.10.0 trailer is a brief glimpse of a certain menu screen with a voice that sounds like it’s on the brink of insanity raving about “things out of this world.” spinning wildly around. That menu is not a figment of the narrator’s augmented imagination; this is a new cheat menu for the game. If you want to enhance your powers while playing amidst the game’s bullet storm, you can enter some cheats to unlock secret characters, ghosts and relics to give you a break from the vampire horde. If you want to unlock this spinning menu for whatever reason, you can type “spinnn” in the game’s search bar. please

Vampire Survivors – Patch 0.10.0

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Next to the new cheat menu is patch 0.10.0 (also known as “Not alonepatch) also brings two new achievements, a new arcana, two new characters and a new weapon. Whether any of the new characters can top the tree remains to be seen:

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Hidden at the end of The Not One’s patch notes is a “work in progress” tab that teases the game’s new spells, along with an on-screen keyboard for touchscreen and console players.

Originally published by, The surviving vampires is a time-survival roguelite top-down shooter where you cut down monsters and undead by the thousands from December. The surviving vampires received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam for its advanced level system, weapon combinations, and absorbing gameplay loop.

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