Monica Lewinsky asks Beyoncé to take away her title from ‘Partition’ lyrics

Monica Lewinsky have a request.

Then Beyoncé The 49-year-old, who mentioned a word from her latest album about ability, suggested the singer should take it a step further and remove her name from her hit ‘Partition’.

“Uhm, while we’re at it… #Unit” she tweeted on August 1stshouting in 2013 song from Beyoncé album, in which the singer recalled that her husband “Monica Lewinsky’d all on my dress”.

Impressive lyrics are related to a high level affair between President Bill Clinton and the then 21-year-old Lewinsky, for whom the president was denied by the famous and impeachment in 1998.

This isn’t the first time Lewinski has “the muse of rap songs” in his Twitter bio — drew attention to the unsolicited namedrop. An essay she wrote vanity fair in 2014 she actually thanked Beyoncé for including the song, but offered one correction.

Miley Cyrus point me in your twerking stage act, eminem rapping about me, and Beyoncé’s latest hit has me hooked. Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re talking about words, I think you meant “Bill Clinton put my coat on,” not “Monica Lewinsky.”

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