McLaren to drop Ricciardo in 2023 F1 contract to make means for Piastri

McLaren Piastri is believed to have initially signed a reserve driver deal for 2023, which she intends to upgrade to a race seat, assuming Ricciardo’s early exit is eventually agreed.

Ricciardo has a firm contract at McLaren for next season, based on the initial three-year contract he signed in 2020. at the beginning, while still working at Renault.

Ricciardo and the team will now have to agree a hefty salary to get him out at the end of this season.

It is understood he is not interested in moving to the team’s Formula E program and is determined to find another place in F1.

Woking are confident they can keep Piastri despite this Alpineclaims that she has a valid contract with the young man until 2023.

The Enstone team announced this on Tuesday later challenged Piastri on social media.

Oskars Piastri, Alpine F1 team reserve pilot

Photo by: Images of motor sports

Piastri’s ability to leave Alpine is believed to be based on the claim that his 2023 the contract with the team was never properly signed. It is understood that the date of July 31, which is believed to be related to the selection of the team, has no special significance.

The dispute looks likely to be referred to the Council for the Recognition of Contracts, although there is also question whether Alpine actually entered into a contract with CRB that covered the 2023 contract.

It emerged that McLaren had begun looking into hiring Piastri a few weeks ago as part of their search for potential replacements for Ricciardo.

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is close to Piastri’s boss Mark Webberhaving worked with him alongside Porsche in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship.

At that point, Piastri looked ready to go Williams on a loan deal that will see him return to Alpine in 2024. or maybe 2025

But after McLaren’s interest emerged and Piastri could still be a free agent in 2023, with the Woking outfit seen as a step up from Williams, talks became more serious.

Meanwhile, Ricciardo is clearly high on the list of potential replacements Fernando Alonso Alpine, although he upset Renault management when he agreed to the McLaren move, will have to overcome that hurdle.

Haas could also be an option if expected Mick Schumacher leaves, although theoretically Ferrari has a claim on who occupies the place.

Sometimes reward offers like the one Ricciardo is set to receive can influence a driver to find a seat elsewhere later on. when Kimi Raikkonen in 2009 at the end of which Ferrari dropped him, he took two years out of F1 in part to keep the full amount.

But it is understood that given the sums required to fulfill Ricciardo’s original deal, one scenario is that even if he lands elsewhere, he could still be paid by McLaren to keep him out of the team in 2023.

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