Lawmakers accept $200 funds

INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Eric Holcomb has proposed paying Hoosiers $225.

Looks like they’ll have to settle for $200 instead.

All Indiana taxpayers would be eligible for a $200 automatic taxpayer refund under legislation moving through the Statehouse. Direct payments from the state surplus were a key part of the governor’s deflationary plan.

The House and Senate, which both proposed different relief plans, reached a deal on the refund.

The negotiations resulted in a $25 cut from the payments, as House lawmakers also agreed to move $1 billion to USD to the state teachers’ pension fund. This plan originated in the Senate, which wanted to pay off the additional debt with a surplus.

Those who have not filed a tax return no longer need to file a return. However, they will not receive direct payments. Instead, they will receive a tax credit and have to file in 2022. tax return to get it, lawmakers said.

Those who received a $125 automatic Indiana taxpayer refund payment by direct deposit will receive a $200 payment by direct deposit. Those still waiting for a physical $125 payment check will have an additional $200 added to their checks, lawmakers said.

Senate Bill 2, as amended, took a bumpy ride through the Statehouse this week. The payments were originally part of a proposal that originated in the House and passed with overwhelming approval as House Bill 1001.

But a House committee this week inserted HB 1001 language into Senate Bill 2, removing language from the original that would have established a support fund called the Hoosier Families First Fund.

A Senate committee then scrapped the original language of HB 1001, replacing it with Senate Bill 2 (which included the family fund) and Senate Bill 3, the Senate’s version of the deflationary plan that included a utility tax holiday and gas cap. taxes.

The House amendment to SB2 also included the creation of the Hoosier Families First Fund and included a cap on the gas tax that would last until 2023. July 1 It exempts baby diapers from state sales tax and increases the adoption credit. limit

House lawmakers rejected a proposed amendment that would have raised the refund to $325.

The House of Representatives and the Senate could vote on the economic package on Friday. A vote is also expected on Senate Bill 1, the abortion measure.

Holcomb issued a statement regarding passage 2 of the Senate bill:

“I am very pleased to see that the House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2, which includes returning a billion dollars to Hoosier taxpayers in the form of automatic taxpayer refunds.” Ultimately, this is why I have called the General Assembly back into special session, and I am grateful that they have acted quickly and cooperatively to bring this much-needed bill to the House for third reading tomorrow. Equally important is a package of robust programming to improve the health of Hoosier women and babies. The content of this bill now reflects strong input from all parts of the General Assembly, and I look forward to signing it as soon as it reaches my desk.

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