Large Brother Abstract: [Spoiler] Kicked out Season 24, Week 4

Someone call Marie Kondo because Big brotherThe 24th season has arrived messy.

To be clear, I say that with the greatest appreciation for the mess: Big brother has been stuck in a predictable “let’s vote home” rut for many seasons, and it’s great to see the opposite happening here. But between Kyle’s reckless performance with Alyssa, Nicole’s correct suspicion that most of The Leftovers are working together, and of course, Daniel’s crazy decision to use the power of veto and put his first ally in danger this week BB the house was decidedly (and wonderfully) chaotic.

Let’s find out how the week ended with Nicole unknowingly ready to face Thursday’s episode:

STRATEGY | The veto meeting ends with Nicole and Taylor now on the chopping block, and Taylor’s tears of frustration are justified: she lamented that the veto was used to save Alyssa and Indy when she thought the nominations weren’t changing, and it seems her confidence in The Leftovers ” suffered since she did not speak up about the switch. Meanwhile, Nicole is feeling “euphoric” about being on the block, so here goes.

But not long before the veto meeting, Kyle went upstairs to warn Monte that Daniel “100 percent” plans to use the veto. Last night, Nicole visited the HOH bedroom and found six of the seven Remnants, in other words, everyone but Kyle, sitting there, so she was convinced that those six were in the union. Since Monte and Taylor can’t vote this week, Nicole and Daniel are under the impression that Taylor will only have to four votes to stay, even though she’ll actually have five (Kyle is fifth), and Monte would break a potential tie in Taylor’s favor anyway. So while it’s not ideal that Taylor’s seen the block countless times already, The Leftovers knows privately that Daniel “played himself,” as Joseph puts it, by using the veto this time.

Other highlights from the pre-taped segments: After doing it with Terrance last week, Nicole reveals to Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine that she used to be a cop, which she believes is game-changing information; Kyle and Alyssa fight one of the Big brotherthe most violent performances (bathroom flirting! Stop it!); and receiving word from some of The Leftovers that Nicole might no With votes to spare, Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine weigh their options in hopes of keeping Nicole, but are much more eager to just be on the right side of the vote this week. Just swim together, those three!

LISTING | When it’s time for the eviction, Taylor gets a little spicy in her pre-vote speech, telling Nicole, “I quote Big brother superfan rihanna you look yes stupid now”. (!) She reminds Nicole how she thought it was smart to choose Taylor as her Festie Bestie, not knowing that her own driving or Daniel’s death would ultimately be responsible for her downfall. (Nicole looks like she’s taking it all in stride, but as Taylor sits down, the women smile screams“I can’t stand you!”)

In the end, only Daniel supports Nicole: she’s evicted by a 9-1 vote, but she hugs everyone on the way out and tells Julie that she’s “not surprised at all” to hear about The Leftovers because she’s already correctly identified six of the seven members. She also calls Taylor’s pre-vote speech “amazing and comical” and “nothing but the truth” in regards to Nicole. made believes she can manipulate others, including Taylor, to stay in the game.

And since we’re seemingly destined to never be in a live Head of Household competition again, the episode ends with Taylor choosing Alyssa and Indy as her new besties. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to one of the bedrooms himself and notes that he should pack his bags now. A while back, he told Nicole in his goodbye message that he wasn’t leaving Big brother house without a fight… but it seems to feel a little different now.

Your turn! What do you think about Nicole’s eviction? And what do you want to see as the winning head of household? Write a comment below!

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