Katy Perry Says ‘No Offense’ To Kim Kardashian After Pete Davidson Was Named Her MASH ‘Lover’

Back off, Orlando Bloom. Katy Perry According to MASH, she has a new man in her life

Singer Daisies has taken part in a TikTok trend where participants use a filter to play a childhood game that determines your future house, car, number of children and lover.

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Perry got a pretty good round because the filter landed on the castle-dwelling star driving a Tesla with six kids. But things came to a head when Pete Davidson was named as her future lover. “No offse @Kim Kardashian,” the “Roar” singer wrote in the post, meaning SNL the comedian’s girlfriend. She also jokingly added, “And Orlando?

The video is properly voiced BeforeHouse With a View, which was released on Perry’s Capitol Records, Turn off recordings.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Perry will be leaving her life with Bloom for Davidson anytime soon. Couple started dating for the first time On and off in 2016 before finally getting engaged in 2019. in 2020 In March, the couple revealed they were expecting a baby, a daughter named Daisy Dove, who they welcomed the following August.

“I got to see what a great dad he was to his first child, Flynn, who is now 11.” American Idol the judge said of the son Pirates Caribbean The actor shares a visit with ex Miranda Kerr Dear Chelsea podcast in May. “So that was definitely the biggest influence on me [to want kids]. Something inside me said, “You’re in your mid-30s. This person is nice. Must breed. He is a nice person.”

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