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January 6 of the House of Representatives. committee contacted a lawyer for the family suing Alex Jones for defamation in an attempt to obtain the far-right conspiracy theorist’s messages, which were accidentally leaked to the plaintiffs.

Mark Bankston, the six-year-old boy Jesse Lewis who was among 20 children and six adults killed in the 2012 shooting, appeared in a Texas court Thursday. Sandy Hook school shooting, parent advocate Mark Bankston. , said the January 6 commission asked him for reports.

Bankston did not say whether the request from both the committee and federal law enforcement came in the form of a subpoena, as reported by news outlets. He said he intended to cooperate with the request unless the court ordered otherwise, and was unsure whether it would cover the period of interest to the committee.

The announcement came a day after Bankston revealed to Jones on the witness stand that his legal team had “messed up” and produced “every single text message” Jones had written over the past two years.

Those messages contained texts contradicting claims under oath that Jones had nothing on his phone related to the Sandy Hook shooting.

Bankston said he alerted Jones’ attorneys to the apparent error, but they never took steps to have the communications filed in court, calling them privileged.

Like many millions of people who tune in to his conspiracy-driven show Infowars, Jones has been a prominent supporter of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Jan. 6 committee is trying to understand how the Trump team communicated with Jones and other far-right figures less than two years ago when Trump supporters, including extremist groups, attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Jones’ attorney, Andino Reynal, asked for a mistrial on Thursday over the alleged accidental leak. The lawyer argued that he feared the text message was leaked in court just to get more information in the press. First reported by the Associated Press..

Before Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of Travis County denied the plea, Bankston said Jan. 6. the committee asked him to provide Jones’ texts and related records.

Reynal also asked Guerra Gamble for an order blocking the release of any material on Jones’ phone. Guerra Gamble said she would let Reynal review the material, mark what he wanted to keep confidential and then review it, adding that she wasn’t sure she could block the subpoena. Austin’s American-Statesman..

The jury in the defamation case brought against Jones by Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the father and mother of Jesse Lewis, began deliberating late Wednesday afternoon.

They resumed on Thursday, the ninth day of the trial, during which Jones apologized and admitted that the 2012 shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut was “100% real.”

But he has spent years insisting that the 20 children and six adults killed in Sandy Hook were not murdered, but instead, along with their grieving loved ones, were “crisis actors” in an elaborate ploy to force gun control reform.

Heslin and Lewis sued Jones for defamation and emotional distress, saying they suffered emotional distress, death threats and harassment. They demanded at least 150 million. USD, saying an apology won’t be enough.

Jones lost on the merits because he failed to file any documents in response to the lawsuit.

A jury is deciding how much he owes Lewis and Heslin in compensation. At a later stage, it will be decided whether he should pay the fine.

Hugo Lowell contributed to this report

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