Google is testing huge favorites in search on cellular units

back in 2019Google added a favicon to every mobile search result and tried unsuccessfully to do the same on your desktop a year later. Google is now testing a mobile search improvement that uses capitalized favorite characters and puts more emphasis on site names.

In the upper left corner, these noticeably larger favicons are in a white circle because the site name is next to them. The path remains, but now appears at the bottom in secondary position. When there are multiple (grouped) results from the same site, the next page only shows a few, like today.

These large icons grab your attention and also appear in Google Discover on Android, but without the circle. In the content feed, it replaces the display of addresses and website names at the bottom of cards after cover images and headlines.

Also, this new look for mobile search is severely hampered by the low resolution of most of the web’s favorite icons, especially since phone screens are quite bright these days.

The search change has been in testing (especially with incognito requests) for the past few weeks, but isn’t yet widely adopted, while the Discover change is more limited.

This happens when Google tried to include favicons in desktop search results in 2020. The design was criticized for making every result look like an ad, and the company backed off. At the time, Google said that favorites were “well received by mobile users” because they “help people see where information is coming from more quickly.” The large size should only help the cause.

Dylan Roussel contributed to this article.

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