Frozen in Horror: Notes from the Parkland Faculty Bloodbath Website

Bullet holes also mark the walls of the Parkland, Florida, school where Nikolas Cruz killed 14 students and three staff members.

A strand of dark hair remains on the floor more than four years after the victim’s body was recovered. Valentine’s Day gifts and cards are thrown as shards of glass crunch under visitors’ feet.

Those are the troubling comments from a group of reporters who were allowed into the building after the jurors finished their walk-through to provide details to media outlets across the country, including CNN.


We entered from the east stairwell as did Cruz. In the stairwell where Cruz went in and collected the gun, a white teddy bear lay dirty on the floor, next to a bag of Valentine’s hearts, presumably dropped by a fleeing student.

Everywhere you walk around the building, there are shards of broken safety glass that crunch loudly as you walk. They are particularly loud and crunching at the threshold of every door.

ROOM 1218

English lesson from Brittany Sinitch: No one was killed or injured here, but it was here that Cruz fired the first shots. The textbooks on the tables were open to the chapter dealing with Mercutio. Valentine’s bear was lying on the table. 2017 was on the wall. Stoneman Douglas Football Poster – Team photo with slogan: Faith Family Football. A pink note wishing a happy Valentine’s Day lay on the table next to a worksheet belonging to student Sarah Louis. A clear plastic drinking cup sat half full on the desk, its contents now a dark brown sludge. On the table is a Valentine’s Day card with the words “I don’t just like you, I really, really like you.”

ROOM 1215

Study hall led by Spanish teacher Juletta Matlock: There is dried blood outside the door where Luke Hoyer, Martin Duque and Gina Montalto were killed. Just inside the door lay several headphones on a long cord on the floor. The book To Kill a Mockingbird remains on the desk. On the wall is a poster titled “Let’s Talk About It” with basic Spanish words: Padre, Madre, Abuelo, Abuela.” On the other wall is a poster with common Spanish phrases and colors.

ROOM 1213 — Ronit Reoven’s AP Psychology Class:

On the far wall from the door is a table with a high blood score. Here, Carmen Schentrup died from a bullet wound to the head. She and the children hid behind the teacher’s desk, which is in the southeast corner of the room. A teacher’s desk phone lay on the floor in front of the desk where the injured Maddy Wilford lay. On the walls behind the desk are photos of what appears to be the teacher’s family and an 8-by-10 drawing of President Trump with the words, “We will win in everything we do.” On the north wall is a bulletin board with about two dozen wallet-sized photos of the students. A lone white sneaker remains on the floor.


Hickson, after he was shot as he burst through the west door, took shelter in an alcove in front of the elevator about 20 feet from the door. Cruz shot him a second time as he passed, but he survived and spent about 10 minutes trying to get up, according to a video shown in court. There is a large bloodstain on the floor and on the wall. There on the floor were black rubber boots, possibly Crocs.

Room 1214 – The Holocaust Room – Teacher Ivy Schamis’ room

She taught Holocaust studies. Here’s where Nick Dvoret and Helen Ramsay died

The board has the hashtag #TogetherWeRemember. There are also links to eyewitness accounts. There are two yellowed Sun Sentinel newspapers on the table, bullet marks on the tables, laptops still open, headphones and a bottle of water on the table. The 2017-2018 school year planner was thrown on the floor. Blood marks where Dworet and Ramsay died. Their blood covers Tell Them We Remember by Susan Bachrach and Listen to the Wind by Greg Mortenson. A holocaust sign with the words “we will never forget” is on the notice board. On top of one table was a white plug and headphones. Shows how fast things went

Learning objective on the board “Understand the world and the environment around it”.

Room 1216

No classroom has seen more killings and injuries than Dara Hass’s English class. The blue folder with Alaina Petty’s name on it is still on the desk—just behind it—and there’s a large bloodstain between the teacher’s desk and the wall. Bullet holes in the walls.

Right next to the bloodstain on the floor where Alyssa Alhadeff and Alaina Petty died, there is a handwritten note about Malala Yousafzai – “a girl who wanted to go to school” – which reads: “the bullet went straight through her head, but not her brain.” concluding with “In conclusion, we the people must have freedom for science.”

(Note: Malala is a Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban – she fought for girls and women to have access to education).

Essays written by students remain on their desks and are never retrieved. “We go to school every day of the week and take it all for granted,” one student wrote. “We cry and complain not knowing how lucky we are to be able to learn.”

A previous task is displayed on the cabinet doors. It shows tombstones with epitaphs written by students.

“RIP It’s beautiful here.”

“RIP This is funny.”

“RIP Lying here beautiful.”

Next to the shoe on the ground is a pink Valentine stuffed animal and balloons.

The blood pool looks old, dark, clumped, layered.

Desks are covered with a thin layer of dust, a landline phone is lying on the ground.

At Alex Schachter’s desk, there’s a bloodstain on the other side of the silver rod connecting the plastic seat to the desk.


Near the west stairs – where Hickson was shot – is a discarded shoe.


Quote regarding the corridor between rooms 1221 and 1229

“Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today.” – James Dean

Further down the corridor it says:

“Never dwell on the past, but Lear always shapes it.” – Anonymous

Room 1230

A large box of heart-shaped Valentine’s day chocolates on the table.

On the other is an open pen and pencil.

Room 1232

Calculators are still on desks, spiral notebooks are still open for math, students are working on algebra problems.

Room 1231

Grouped desks

“2018 class” photos of students in their everyday environment (not official photos).


Room 1256, Scott Beigel’s classroom:

As you enter the hall from the eastern stairs, the first thing you see is a pool of pooled blood, which is much smaller than the others. This is where Scott Beigel’s body fell in front of Class 1256. Unlike the other rooms, its door window is intact. Beigel died after opening the door. His body prevented the door from closing. The children hiding in the front of his room were vulnerable, but Cruz didn’t choose to enter it.

Plastic world maps about the size of a placemat on most tables. Three wall clocks lay face down by the door. On Bagel’s desk were worksheets comparing Christianity and Islam. Notes about 2018 on the board. medal winners of the Winter Olympics. A deflated Valentine’s Day balloon lay on the ground.

Room 1255, Stacey Lippel’s class:

The door is pushed open — like the others, meaning Cruz shot at it — and a “No Bullying Zone” hangs inside. Today’s creative writing assignment is written on the board: “How to write the perfect love letter.”

The teacher’s desk is on the left and one can imagine that the students are crowded behind it. Desks are in disarray, some pushed on top of each other in what testimony described as a mad rush to get back inside. One desk displays an enviable spread of Valentine’s Day – a large gift bag with tissue paper inside, a round box of silver-wrapped candies and a heart-shaped box.

As you move down the corridor, dry, cracked rose petals mixed with shards of glass give the scene a cinematic feel. In the middle of the third floor hallway is a large pool of blood where Anthony Borges was wounded. A sign above the water fountains has a quote from Star Wars Yoda: “Do or do not. Don’t try.”

Under the water fountains, three large pools of dried blood mark the spots where authorities dragged the bodies of Cara Loughran, Meadow Pollack and Joaquin Oliver. A faint trail of blood traces the path of the girls’ bodies from the alcove where their bodies fell after the shot. A pool of blood is observed in the niche behind 1249, where Polak and Loughran died. They were left there injured after the rest of the group huddled in the alcove with Ernie Rospierski ran out into the corridor. Cruz then returned and shot them again.

ROOM 1249 by Ernie Rospierski

There is an unfinished chess game. A friend of Peter Yang testified that they were playing a game when the fire alarm went off.

Room 1250

Valentine’s Day balloons, flower petals, white teddy bear.

One of the most disturbing images is the alcove behind the bathroom where Joaquin Oliver died. There is a large pool of blood and bullet holes that were fired at him at close range. From the first shots, where he was wounded, drops of blood fall into the niche. But most of the blood is when Cruz catches up with Oliver in an alcove and shoots him. We know from the evidence that Oliver was conscious after the impact. He couldn’t run when the others did. He heard Cruz coming. He heard shots fired at Polac and Loughran. He knew he was the other. We know from the testimony that he put his hands up to protect himself. Two bullets in the wall show how futile that attempt was. There is a strand of dark hair on the floor near where his body would have been. A corner of a heart-shaped paper Valentine decoration (perhaps a postcard) is collapsed, probably covered in blood

As he moves down the hall toward the west wall, bullets scratch the south walls, indicating that Cruz is targeting the fleeing students and not just randomly firing ahead.

We see the corner in front of the stairwell where Peter Wang fell after being shot while running down the hall. The wall is drawn in squares resembling search quadrants. It was covered in dark bloodstains and a yellowish-green substance, which the affidavit described as brain matter. The pin-sized holes in the wall have circles marked “Fragment D” and “Fragment F”.

There are six bullet holes in the window above where Wang died. Cruz tried to blow out the windows to shoot the fleeing students.

Jaime Guttenberg was knocked down by the stairwell but fell inside. There is very little blood where she fell. The bullet never left her body.

In the teacher’s hall, the window glass facing building 1300 has 4 bullet holes. Another window pane has another bullet hole next to it. They overlook the courtyard and parking lot where the students ran.

A poster near the window reads:

“Typical or Troubled?

Note: Pay attention if you see alarming signs in your student.

Talk: Talk to the student

Action: Share observations with school mental health staff

Change the direction of life.

School Social Work 754-321-1618

Family Counseling 754-321-1590

Broward Public Schools”

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