‘First Kill’ Showrunner Blames Present’s Cancellation on Netflix Advertising – Deadline

on Tuesday, Netflix place a stake in First kill after just one season. Today is the host of the show Felicia D. Henderson went public with his thoughts on why the show wasn’t given a new run.

First kill was based on a short story by Victoria “VE” Schwab and executive produced Emma Roberts.

In the series, teenage vampire Juliet (Sarah Catherine Hook) decides to commit suicide for the first time in order to take her place among a powerful vampire family. She sets her sights on a new girl in town named Calliope (Imani Lewis). But much to Juliet’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter who comes from a family of famous assassins. Both believe that the other will not be so easy to kill and unfortunately too easy to fall for.

“I joined this show so enthusiastically [because] it has something for everyone,” Henderson said interview Today, with the Daily Beast, “strong female leads, supernatural intrigue, epic, a Shakespearean battle between warring families, and a prominently visible black family in the genre space are what black audiences crave and mainstream audiences must indulge in.”

But, she said, while the show’s marketing material was appealing, she downplayed it a bit.

“The art of the initial marketing was beautiful. I guess I was hoping that this would be the beginning and that the other equally compelling and important elements of the show – monsters vs. monster hunters, the battle of two powerful matriarchs, etc. – would eventually be promoted, which didn’t happen. ” Check out the poster for the show below.

Poster for Netflix’s The First Kill

Released on June 10. First kill entered the broadcaster’s weekly top ten English-language series in its first three days. It ranked 7th with 30.3 million views. hours. In its first full week of release, it peaked at #3 with 48.8 million views. hours. Stranger things Season 4 and Blade berets Season 6. The series easily cleared 100 million. hours reviewed during the first 4 weeks of service.

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Henderson claimed: “The performance is incredible and we’ve been in the top five in the world and in the country for three of the first four weeks. I had high hopes [of a second season].

According to Deadline for submission of reportsthe show didn’t have the power of most Netflix hits and didn’t meet the viewing and episode completion thresholds.

“When I got the call saying they weren’t renewing the show because obviously there wasn’t a high enough completion rate, I was very disappointed,” Henderson said. “What host wouldn’t be?” I was told a couple of weeks ago that they were hoping for a higher finish. I dont think so.

Henderson credited Netflix for getting the show in the first place.

“They licensed the IP, paid for the pilot script and gave it a healthy production budget,” she admitted.

Produced by Henderson’s Executive First kill along with Schwab, as well as Roberts and Karah Preis through Belletrist Productions.

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