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We are watching Arizona primary election August 2 in upcoming races from across the state, including candidates for Governor, Attorney General, US Senate, Secretary of State, House of Representatives and other highly contested races.

We’ll provide updates on the candidates and their progress in their respective races, live watch parties and the results as they come, which is scheduled for 8 p.m





The Associated Press predicts that Kirsten Engel will win the Democratic primary for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. The district includes parts of Cochise, Graham, Pinal and Pima counties, as well as all of Greenlee County.

10:40 p.m

10:38 p.m

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10:24 p.m

Pinal County election officials provided a live stream of ballots being counted


10:12 p.m


9:54 p.m

Michelle Udall issued a statement. She is one of five candidates, including candidates in the GOP primary for superintendent of public instruction.

9:39 p.m

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Now the question is, in terms of the vote counting process, what happens from now on?

According to a statement released by the Maricopa County Elections Department, they will personally announce Election Day results as they are returned from each of the 210 polling places throughout the night. They calculate that on August 2 106,000 ballots were handed in personally.

“Beginning Wednesday, August 3, the Department of Elections will begin signing off on verifying and processing advance ballots that arrived at the polls on Monday and today. We will update unofficial results daily until 7:00 p.m. until all verified ballots have been counted. We will also update counted ballots daily for remains to be counted,” reads part of the statement.

Election officials say they cannot complete the count before the statutory deadline of August 9. deadline:

  • Conditional provisional ballots cast by voters who did not provide sufficient identification when voting in person.
  • Questionable signatures or ballots of voters whose early voting signatures have been questioned. Those voters have a chance to fix the signature issue.

8:49 p.m

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Marco Lopez issued a statement after the AP predicted his opponent Katie Hobbs would win the primary race.

The last line, written in Spanish, means “It always seems impossible until it becomes reality.”

8:46 p.m

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8 in the evening

The first batch of election results has been announced. Click here to view them.

7:05 p.m

Maricopa County Registrar Stephen Richer says 106,000 in-person votes have been counted so far.

at 7 p.m

The polls are officially closed in Arizona.

6:59 p.m

6:53 p.m

5:38 p.m

FOX 10 received several calls and emails on Election Day. letters from viewers who said they had trouble voting in Pinal County in person. Some people said they could not get a ballot to vote because some places had run out.

MORE: in 2022 primary election: Confusion in Pinal County caused by ‘unprecedented demand for in-person ballots’

5:00 in the evening

It’s Election Day in Arizona, and voters across the state are gearing up to cast their ballots in 2022. in the primary election. Voters will decide candidates for governor, senate, congressional races and numerous state and local contests. Many voters have already cast their ballots, but many people are still turning up at the polls tonight.

Arizona Governor’s Race:




The AP predicts that Katie Hobbs has won the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Attorney General Race:




Arizona senatorial race:




More races:

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