ChromeOS 104 comes with a brand new darkish theme and computerized transitions

Google’s latest Chrome OS update is rolling out to users this week, and one of its new features is support for switching to a dark theme. 9to 5Google reported. Previously hidden behind developer flags during testing, it finally made its official debut in ChromeOS 104 with dark mode settings appears more in other Google products.

Google blog article touting the incoming feature, the company says the new dark theme will make it easier to “read at night or in low light and save power,” while switching to the light theme changes the entire UI and wallpaper to keep things “bright.” and spacious”. So far, ChromeOS has only included a Night Light setting in its software to change the screen tint to make it easier to look at the screen in the dark.

ChromeOS 104 Light and Dark Mode come with separate wallpapers
Image: Google

ChromeOS 104 also has an auto setting to automatically switch the color scheme between a light and dark theme based on the time of day, along with corresponding wallpaper options that can subtly change with it.

You can choose light, dark and auto mode.
Image: Google

Here’s how you can change the display theme in ChromeOS 104:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Personalization
  • Choose Set wallpaper and style
  • Choose Light, Dark or Auto mode according to your preferences

You can also reach Wallpaper and style settings on the home screen by pressing the touchpad with two fingers and selecting an option.

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