Chrissy Teigen Broadcasts Being pregnant: ‘Feeling Hopeful and Superb’ | Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend are expecting their next child, almost two years after the couple experienced a pregnancy.

Teigen made the announcement on Instagram on Wednesday, where she posted two photos of her baby bump. She wrote that joy “filled our homes and hearts again” after her miscarriage in 2020. documented in detail its consequences.

“We have another one,” wrote the 36-year-old model and cookbook author, who has two children, Luna and Miles, with Legend. In the post, she wrote about her fertility journey and being too nervous to reveal her pregnancy.

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“Every appointment I’d say to myself, ‘OK, if I’m healthy today, I’ll post,’ but then I would breathe a sigh of relief when I heard my heartbeat and decide I was still too nervous,” she wrote. “I don’t think I’ll ever leave a meeting with more excitement than nerves, but so far everything is perfect and beautiful and I feel hopeful and wonderful.”

In 2020, the couple made a heartbreaking announcement when they lost their son Jack at 20 weeks pregnant. Teigen was hospitalized for heavy bleeding before the miscarriage.

That same year, Teigen wrote an essay in which she explained that doctors had diagnosed her with partial placental abruption. At the time, she encouraged people to share their stories and “be kind to those who pour their hearts out.”

Teigen’s openness about stillbirth was praised at the time for demystifying a common and heartbreaking experience.

Legend and Teigen married in 2013.

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