Bungie staff reportedly harassed, bombarded with racial slurs and dying threats

Bungie employees reportedly became victims of harassment in June. Harassment will result in employees being blackballed and bombarded with racial slurs, phone calls and text messages. The harassment reportedly started in a tweet celebrating working with a popular Destiny 2 player.

The harassment began after one of Bungie’s employees tweeted in early June about his new collaboration with African-American streamer Uhmaayyze for their game. 2 fatereports Record. This tweet would lead to anxiety and death threats from several Bungie employees.

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June 14 the tweet drew a response threatening to kill the staff. Bungie employees reportedly received voicemails and messages on their personal phones from someone using the anonymous messaging and calling app. One voicemail message was left on the tweeting employee’s personal phone line.

In it, the caller used racial slurs and requested that Destiny 2 contain violent and racist scenes, or DLC. The employee’s spouse, also a Bungie employee, received a message with the same request.

Later, someone using the same phone number ordered a pizza to the couple’s home, leaving them a voicemail saying: “Enjoy your pizza.”

This incident allegedly prompted them to call the police and file a report.

A Twitter user named Inkcel also made threats online, posting a photo of a Bungie employee’s ID card. They also tweeted that they moved 30 minutes away from the employee. Both employees used a court order to get the messaging app to release the name of the person threatening them.

Doxing and harassment is nothing new to the gaming community. Unfortunately, this is quite common. Many associate doxxing with streamers, but it has happened in several gaming communities, including game developers, over the years. A hotline was set up earlier this month to help broadcasters who are the targets of hate raids.

Destiny 2 has been in the news several times this year. Earlier this summer, Sony has completed its acquisition of Bungie, which means Destiny is now part of the PlayStation family. They are also working on a Destiny mobile gamealthough the details are few.

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