Biden points second government order to guard abortion entry

President Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday aimed at protecting people’s ability to travel out of state to obtain an abortion.

Large picture: This is the second one an executive order issued by the president preserve the possibility of abortion after Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Game Status: Biden signed the executive order during the first meeting of the White House Reproductive Health Care Task Force, which aims to coordinate the federal government’s reproductive health efforts.

Details: The the executive order states The Department of Health and Human Services would “consider actions to improve access” to reproductive health services, including Medicaid, for patients who travel out of state.

  • Biden is also asking HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to consider “all appropriate actions” to ensure that health care providers comply with federal nondiscrimination laws so that people can “immediately receive medically necessary care.”
  • Becerra also needs to “evaluate and improve research, data collection and data analysis efforts” regarding maternal health.

What he says: Biden said the executive order would be a response to “the health care crisis that has emerged since the Supreme Court overturned Roe and is facing women across America.”

  • The order “will help ensure access to health care, including the right to choose and use contraception. [It] promotes the safety and security of clinics, patients and providers and protects patient privacy and access to accurate information.
  • “I think Roe got it right. It’s been a law for almost 50 years. And I’ve made a commitment to the American people that we’re doing everything we can to protect access to health care, including the right to choose that women had under Roe v. Wade. ‘as which was torn down by this extreme court.

Zoom out: While the Biden administration has taken several steps to respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the executive branch’s role in protecting abortion care is limited without action by Congress.

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