An adolescent has died at a downtown Minneapolis gentle rail station

A teenage boy was fatally shot at a light rail station in downtown Minneapolis, and police arrested a “person of interest” within an hour of the shooting.

Officers on Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. were called to the light rail platform along 5th Street west of Nicollet Mall for a report of shots fired, Minneapolis police spokesman Howie Padilla said. First responders tried to save the boy’s life, but he died at the scene along the platform.

One shell casing was found at the scene, and police believe the shooter and victim knew each other. The victim’s body was lying on the platform while the police investigated the area.

“It was kind of a conflict between two individuals who appeared to know each other,” Padilla said. Metro Transit police assisted in obtaining images of the person of interest to identify him, and a bus operator spotted the person.

This is the 55th homicide in Minneapolis, according to a Star Tribune database.

The entire block containing the transit station was cordoned off by police, with many squad cars and offices guarding the scene.

The incident also disrupted rail traffic in the city center.

According to a Metro Transit alert, until 7:45 p.m. trains again moved through Nicollet Station all the way to Target Field.

A woman who got off the bus on 5th Street moments earlier said she heard a “joke” as she walked to a nearby store.

“I was like, ‘Is that a shot?’ Yes, it was,” said Mary Sue, who declined to give her name. “Scary.”

A few dozen bystanders lay around the yellow crime tape waiting for answers, while hundreds of pedestrians headed for the Minnesota Twins game streamed past the scene.

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