Alpine stays agency on Piastri’s race deal for 2023. F1

Then Fernando Alonsoshock decision to sign with Aston Martin next year Alpine The Squad quickly began working on the contract they believed they had with backup pilot Piastri.

This announced the deal Tuesday afternoonthe day after it was revealed that Alonso would retire at the end of the campaign.

But hours after Alpine’s announcement, Piastri took to social media to claim that he has not signed anything with the team and will not participate in 2023 because of it.

“I understand that without my consent, Alpine F1 issued a press release late this afternoon that I will be driving for them next year,” Piastri wrote.

“It’s not right and I haven’t signed a contract with Alpine for 2023. I won’t be driving Alpine next year.

His comments are understood to come after Piastri and his management pushed to secure the seat McLaren for next year.

It has been suggested that the youngster could even sign a pre-contract with McLaren, which would mean he would commit to joining the Woking team if the Alpine options fell through.

It is widely understood that under his long-term deal with Alpine, it was supposed to guarantee Piastri’s F1 seat in 2023. until a certain date if he remains under contract.

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What matters now is whether such a date occurred and whether there was a window in which Alpine’s rights lapsed.

However, despite Piastri’s statement and clear belief that in 2023 he will not be racing, Alpine is understood to be adamant its contract is on solid legal ground.

This means that if there is a dispute between Piastri and another team, it may have to be resolved by the Formula 1 Contract Recognition Board.

A body of independent lawyers will then read the terms of Piastri’s contracts and determine who is entitled to them next year.

Team principal Otmar Szafnauer, speaking ahead of Piastri’s announcement on Tuesday, said he had no doubt Alpine was eligible for his services next year.

“We have the right to take it,” he said. “We have priority.”

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