After the police surrender the pursuit, the motive force tries to give up to Ralphs, however nobody has arrested him.

Officers were chasing a suspected stolen car Thursday night, and although the officers pulled over and gave up the chase, the driver of the car eventually stopped at a Ralphs and tried to surrender, even though the police were not there.

According to Officer Cruz, the Los Angeles Police Department in downtown Los Angeles just before 10 p.m. spotted a suspected stolen car – a white Kia.

The California Highway Patrol then gave chase and traveled to the San Fernando Valley, then back toward downtown Los Angeles on the 5 Freeway before exiting the 110 Freeway.

The Kia pulled out near the USC campus and ran a red light, prompting the CHP to end its pursuit. LAPD followed the car for a bit, then drove off as well.

It seemed that by 11 p.m. the driver was driving in a circle in the residential area of ​​Jefferson Park with no police vehicles nearby. A passenger ran from the car near Adams-Normandie while the driver continued driving.

At around 11:25 p.m., despite the lack of law enforcement officers near him, the driver stopped the car in the Ralphs lot, got out and raised his hands above his head.

He then laid down in an apparent attempt to surrender, although no one attempted to arrest him.

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