A misunderstanding led to a bloody chase for a NJ girl

Nationwide manhunt for bloody, believed to be kidnapped a woman in New Jersey Police told The Post Friday.

An unnamed woman who was found screaming and bleeding in a tractor-trailer on Route 130 on Wednesday was injured when her husband hit the brakes to avoid the crash, South Brunswick Deputy Police Chief Jim Ryan said.

The woman, who was standing between the cab and the rig’s bedroom, was thrown forward and left bleeding and screaming, he said.

But an employee at a nearby rental car company, who didn’t see the big rig come to a brief stop, saw the woman bleeding and thought he might have witnessed a kidnapping and called police, Ryan said.

“He’s standing in the parking lot and he hears somebody yelling ‘help,'” Ryan said, adding that a witness called the police.

The confusion led to a multi-agency search for the truck and at least 100 calls about possible sightings from Texas to California after the incident was reported by the media, Ryan said.

A nationwide search for a woman believed to have been kidnapped in New Jersey ended in a misunderstanding, police said.
South Brunswick Police Department

Police used surveillance footage, also from local businesses, and tips to track down the couple, who had been married for 50 years, to determine that no bad games on thursdayRyan said.

“It’s amazing what people can do if they mobilize,” he said. “I’m glad the result was positive.”

Despite the strange mix-up, he said the witness ultimately did the right thing by reporting the woman in distress.

“He actually saw it exactly and made some great observations,” Ryan said.

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