3 Zodiac Indicators With Tough Horoscopes Thursday, 2022 August 4

When the Moon enters Scorpio, we can feel very in tune with our environment; our level of empathy has risen. If someone we know is not feeling well, we will sympathize with them. If we perceive something negative, we internalize it and it makes us anxious or nervous.

Which is beyond that, though we are in such a sensitive statewe are also in the company of the Moon square Pluto, which taints the whole picture and lets us know that we will absorb all the dark energies around us.

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in 2022 August 4 – it’s not so much negative actions or bad behaviour; we will not fall failure or be deceived by friends… but we will be stuck in our own thoughts, and therein lies all the troubles of the day.

We may not start thinking negative, dark thoughts, but as the day goes on, we may find ourselves feeling increasingly anxious and worried. This is a direct experience of the Moon square Pluto during the Scorpio Moon.

Our emotions can also fluctuate depending on the topic, which means that we can fear that something is wrong with our health, or we can direct our hypersensitivity in a completely different direction and imagine that we will not get paid for our work. or that we accidentally did something wrong.

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