3 Zodiac Indicators With Tough Horoscopes Friday, 2022 August 5

Let’s cut to the chase: today it’s all about work and the deterioration we see in the workplace. It won’t last and affect everyone, but for those who feel the burden of the Moon opposite Uranus, the pain is real.

Today we are asking for a raise only to be told it is not possible.

It’s also a day when we try to do something different, only to find that no one cares or watches. Efforts made on this day with the Moon opposite Uranus are futile, or rather they remain inactive until further notice.

The worst part about today is that we really believe it’s going to be okay. We put our best efforts into improving things and take the time to complete tasks that will only succeed if we put our mind to them.

With all that good effort put in, one would think that success was inevitable, and it might be, just not today. I’m sorry. The Moon’s opposition to Uranus is certainly not successful.

Rebellion and breaking the rules? Yes, but no luck.

This is a good day to think things through before taking action. Today doesn’t have to be a mess; it’s about behaving discreetly.

Today’s success requires us to have the patience to step back and see what’s going on before diving into it with our “brilliant” ideas. It’s a “think before you act” day, and that would be the best advice.

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